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10th October 2019


G’day – this is another ultra simple recipe idea. It’s a stuffed half red capsicum or red pepper as some call them.

First, one needs a red capsicum to cut in half (we’ll be using the bottom half after we’ve taken out any of the core and pips which may not have remained in the stalk end of the fruit – yes, it’s a fruit.). And you’ll need a small handful of baby spinach leaves (you can buy packets of them already washed if you don’t grow your own.) A small sprinkle of garlic salt and a sweet potato.

In the hot summer months you may not want to heat the half-capsicum pocket, shell, pouch or whatever we call it, but for this exercise I am.

So cut off the two pointy ends of the sweet potato – we will use these in the first place to place in each of the halves of capsicum to help keep the shape of the capsicum, and also cook them in the halves as they heat in the microwave oven. That takes next to no time.

Now take the heated halves out of the microwave oven, remove the sweet potato ends, mash them with a fork adding a little butter and a sprinkle of garlic salt, plus a heaped spoon of canned tuna in olive oil. Roughly chop some spinach which is then put in the capsicum. Top that with sweet potato and tuna. Sprinkle some shaved Parmesan cheese on top of the lot and serve each capsicum half as a substantial entree.

Easy, eh? And good for you too.

PS. I have no affiliation with Sirena canned tuna in olive oil – I just think it’s good-o.

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